Pure Xbox Game Club July 2022: Dead Space

Want to enhance your Xbox Game Pass experience? Come join the official Pure Xbox Game Club!

We can't take any credit on staff for this โ€” the PX Game Club is the work of ralphdibny and the rest of the contributors over at the Pure Xbox forums, who have established a community that meets up every month to play a game on Xbox Game Pass and share their experiences. Games are voted on every month by the contributors involved.

The game for July 2022 is Dead Space, which is available as part of EA Play. The intent is to play through the first game only, although feel free to move onto the second and third games if you want to!

You'll find the forum thread to get involved below (it has over 1,780 entries to date!):

If you're interested in what kind of discussion goes on, here's what a couple of contributors had to say about last month's Pure Xbox Game Club title, Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

"This game has flaws, these are only clearer with age. Yet, to me at least, none of that matters and once into the flow of the game none of these things affected my enjoyment. These worlds, these characters and their histories are irreplaceable."

"I am fully invested in the gameplay loop now. I'm really enjoying exploring different nebulas/systems/planets. I've got tons of gear that I'm yet to sort out and I've even spent all my skill points for all of the characters.

I've made sure they all have the context sensitive ones but I've upped their specialties as well as their gun/power proficiencies. They seem to die a lot less during combat now, as do I!"

If you have any questions about the Pure Xbox Game Club, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

Are you part of the Game Club? Got anything you want to mention about it? Let us know below.