Ereban: Shadow Legacy is yet another Game Pass title revealed at the big Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase yesterday, June 12th. This debut title from Baby Robot Games really stuck out to us though, with its unique visual style and slick stealth action gameplay.

For now, publisher Raw Fury seems laser focused on the game's PC release, which includes PC Game Pass. However, this one is still set to land on Xbox consoles, with an Xbox Game Pass day one launch already confirmed as well. Here's a brief rundown on what to expect from Ereban: Shadow Legacy in 2023:

"Ereban: Shadow Legacy is an action-packed pure stealth platformer that combines stunning graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics with an immersive narrative in a new, original sci-fi universe.

You play as Ayana, the last descendant of a long-forgotten race with the power of merging with the shadows. As Ayana, you must unravel the mysterious relationship between the cryptic energy megacorporation Helios and her lost ancestors, amidst a dying, morally grey universe. Combine Ayana’s agility with her mystical shadow powers and high-tech gadgets to either cleverly avoid or mercilessly defeat anything and anyone that stands in her way, as she searches for the truth."

Is this one to look forward to for 2023's stacked Game Pass lineup? Let us know your thoughts below.