Descenders Publisher Shoots Down Suggestion That 'Xbox Game Pass Is Bad For Devs'

Xbox Game Pass has been the talk of the week so far, mainly due to Xbox's Twitter response to a Kotaku article about "Game Pass burnout", and it's prompted yet another discussion about whether Game Pass is good for developers.

Notably, Mike Rose of Descenders publisher No More Robots chimed in on the discussion yesterday and had some strong words to say for anyone who believes "Game Pass is bad for devs", as you can see below:

Rose went on to further explain that the normal route is to launch a game and hope its quality and marketing are good enough to recoup those losses and eventually start making a profit, whereas launching a game on Xbox Game Pass means the publisher can "likely" recoup the cost of development instantly on launch day.

Not everyone was on his side in the comments, with some people sharing their concerns about the "possible future, not the present", and he admitted worrying that services like Game Pass becoming "the norm" could eventually lead to shrinking day one payments in the future, although he believes "this isn't going to happen for a while", if ever.

The No More Robots founder has shown his love for Xbox Game Pass on numerous occasions in the past, with the service hosting all of the company's Xbox games at some point or other, and it seems the newly announced Stardew Valley-like Spirittea will hopefully be coming to Game Pass later this year as well.

Here are a few more of his comments from yesterday's Twitter discussion:

"One of my favourite things on Twitter, is just the sheer number of people who have zero clue about how Game Pass works for devs, but still love tweeting about how it's clearly no good for devs. For most games, the service de-risks your entire game on day one. It's a no-brainer."

"Even now I have people responding to me explaining why they, armchair analyst dude, knows how Game Pass works better than me, someone who actually has games on the service, and knows dozens of devs who have been extremely happy to have their games on there. But sure, you do you."

What do you think of the whole "Game Pass is bad for devs" thing? Let us know down below.