Xbox Throws Major Shade At Article On 'Game Pass Burnout'

If you happened to be browsing Twitter last night, you may well have come across a response from the official Xbox Game Pass account that ended up going viral, talking about a Kotaku article describing Xbox Game Pass "burnout".

The article, which mentioned various Xbox fans and journalists suggesting they might think of unsubscribing based on Game Pass not "delivering on its value proposition", prompted the following reply from Xbox on Twitter:

To be fair to Kotaku, the article in question isn't an opinion piece - it's a news story sharing some of the fan responses they've come across online, which is something we often do here at Pure Xbox for both positive and negative reasons.

Nevertheless, we can definitely also understand Xbox's point of view here, as although Game Pass might now be losing out on the likes of Starfield and Redfall in 2022, we've already been treated to some outstanding games on the service so far this year, plenty of those being indie games that undoubtedly deserve their time in the spotlight.

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