Caldera warzone xbox

Many months ago, around the time Warzone got its WW2 makeover, 120fps support was suddenly dropped on Xbox Series X|S. At the time, the developer said it was a backend Xbox issue as Microsoft deployed a software update. Well, enhanced performance is finally returning next week.

As Warzone moves onto Season 3 Reloaded, developer Raven Software says that 120Hz support is returning for Xbox Series consoles, hurrah!

If you've not dipped into Warzone in a short while, you could say things have changed a little since Xbox Series X|S launched. Right now there's a King Kong Vs. Godzilla event going on, amidst the huge crossover craze happening with live service games at the minute.

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded begins sometime next week, likely May 25th, bringing 120Hz support and a host of new content to Xbox Series X|S.

Will you be jumping back into Warzone now 120fps support is set to return? Let us know in the comments!