Call Of Duty Warzone 120fps

Since Call of Duty: Warzone switched over to its WW2-themed Caldera map, a glaring issue has been present on Xbox Series X|S. Basically, 120 fps support has been absent for months on the next-gen Xbox platforms, while the feature still works on PS5.

The bug occurred when Xbox updated some of its back-end system software, causing 120Hz to stop working for Warzone. Since then, developer Raven has noted the issue but we've not seen a fix just yet. The team recently told CharlieIntel that the problem is still being worked on, months after it first appeared.

As the tweet goes on to say, we should hear more on this closer to Warzone Season 3's launch, which is a little over a month away.

It's somewhat disappointing that this hasn't been addressed yet, but we're fully aware that Raven has a lot of platforms to cater for when it comes to Warzone development. Hopefully the transition to Warzone 2 on next-gen will help iron these sorts of issues out.

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