Dragon Age: Inquisition Dev Admits Last-Gen Consoles 'Crushed' The Team's Ambition

The last game in the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, released only a year into the lifespan of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which means it was caught during that time where games were still being released for Xbox 360 and PS3 as well.

Now, in a new interview with USA Today, former BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn has admitted that although he's very proud of the game, the requirement to develop for last-gen systems as well as next-gen consoles "crushed so much ambition":

"The biggest compromise came from the fact that we had to ship Inquisition on the Xbox 360 and PS3 at the same time as we did on the PS4 and Xbox One. That crushed so much ambition because we didn’t have the team size or the time to differentiate those things, truly. So you had to kind of develop the lowest common denominator.

And as that came in, that certainly beat out some expectations and ambitions we had for certain fun features in gameplay. In contrast, CD Projekt didn’t do that with The Witcher 3, a few months later, and I think their game was better for it.”

In addition, Flynn mentioned during the interview that transitioning to EA's then-new Frostbite engine for Dragon Age: Inquisition was a "herculean" task, revealing that it also "resulted in compromises and things that we certainly didn’t want to do if it weren’t for the technology limitations," although the team found "incredibly clever" ways around it.

The next Dragon Age doesn't have a release window as of yet, but it's reportedly "right in the middle of production" at the moment and might end up being a next-gen only title, which hopefully means it won't fall prey to the same "crushed" ambition as Dragon Age: Inquisition back in 2014.

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