Dragon Age 4 - concept art
Image: BioWare

While nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, it looks like BioWare's upcoming project, Dragon Age 4, won't be a cross-platform release. As in, there will not be support for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Although it might not seem like a big deal, it technically means BioWare and EA are "all-in" on PC and the next-generation (aka current-gen) platforms - including Xbox Series X|S.

This information comes from the LinkedIn profile for Dragon Age’s lead player designer at BioWare via Twitter.

VentureBeat reporter, Jeff Grubb, reached out to his own sources and confirmed the same details as well:

"I’ve also separately confirmed that EA is planning the game only for the new-gen systems."

He goes on to mention how by the time Dragon Age 4 "is ready" - new consoles will have a sizable enough audience to convert the blockbuster budgets into blockbuster game sales.

"By the time Dragon Age 4 is ready, the new consoles will have a sizable audience capable of turning games with blockbuster budgets into games with blockbuster sales."

EA's upcoming release, Battlefield 2042 has raised a lot of discussion in recent times being a cross-generation release, but based on this latest discovery, it seems the video game giant will inevitably move away from past-generation support.

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