Game DVR and the whole process of recording and sharing clips has long been a sore spot on the Xbox platform. The current system is janky at best and broken at worst, but is it finally about to change?

As spotted by Windows Central, the latest Insider Ring update removes Twitter sharing as an option for Game DVR. The other sharing options are still live, like OneDrive, Mobile, Messages and the like, but the social media platform is now absent.

Xbox Twitch

This could be due to plans to remove Twitter entirely, although that seems incredibly unlikely given the popularity of the platform for game clips. What we're hoping here, is that Microsoft is building an entirely new system for sharing content.

As usual, Insider Updates are often temporary, and are a way for Xbox to test the waters on a whole range of changes. We just hope this one leads to a positive change because boy oh boy does Game DVR need a serious update.

What do you want to see from Game DVR? Let us know your thoughts on the feature below.