Largely, Xbox Series X, and Series S, handle the Xbox operating system much better than last-gen systems. Things felt sluggish at the best of times on those pesky hard drives, and there's a clear improvement with the move to SSD storage. However, there are still problems.

Those problems have been highlighted in an Xbox fan feedback survey conducted over at Windows Central. Basically, the site asked roughly 1,000 Xbox users what their most requested improvements were.

To no-one's surprise, Xbox DVR ended up as the top trending issue. We can understand why, as recordings often bug out with stuttering and audio issues, not to mention that captures are strangely hard to find after recording. Thankfully, work is already under way for improving Xbox DVR.


Next up, came a category labelled as "Xbox OS problems". This is a bit more broad, but largely covers the dashboard and general system software. Players bemoaned the placement of ads on the dash, along with the general speed of the operating system. We tend to agree, and would love to see more home screen space given to backgrounds.

Japanese game support came in third, with fans expressing concerns over the amount of Japanese titles appearing on PlayStation but not Xbox. We don't think is a huge issue, with Xbox improving in the region, but clearly more needs to be done to appease fans of Japanese games.

Xboxs Tokyo Game Show Mascot.large
Image: Xbox

The rest of the survey tackles things like Xbox first party output, improvements to the achievement system, and more. Generally, we're pretty happy with the OS on Xbox Series X|S, but we do agree that most of these issues need some attention.

You can find the full breakdown on the website, but here's an at-a-glance view of the feedback:

  • Game DVR Problems (17%)
  • Xbox OS Problems (16%)
  • Japanese Game Support (14%)
  • First Party Games Improvements (12%)
  • Achievement System Improvements (8%)
  • Other (6%)
  • Localization Issues (6%)
  • Family Pass for XGP (5%)
  • Xbox App Problems (4%)
  • Xbox Accessories Problems (4%)
  • Crossplay Problems (2%)
  • Xbox Series S Back Compat Quality (2%)
  • VR (2%)
  • Marketing Complaints (2%)

What is your biggest concern with Xbox at the minute? Let us know in the comments.