The Xbox dashboard has come on leaps and bounds since the Xbox One first launched. That initial version of the console's software felt half-baked, with key features like, y'know, an actual guide, missing. Still, almost 10 years on, there remains room for improvement.

One of the biggest features fans want to see changed is GameDVR. The current method of recording screenshots and video clips is weird at best, and broken at worst. YouTuber and podcast host colteastwood thinks the whole thing needs a rebuild, and we're inclined to agree. Plenty of other Xbox users have been sharing their impressions, too:

"Yes, yes and yes! and one more Yes! GameDVR is severely lacking in the feature department and is in need of a huge upgrade! One massive feature for me is to capture our party/game chat when capturing."

"I’m fine with 4K60 I just need it to work. It’s poor. I’m sure someone at Xbox has a PS5 or switch and used the capture feature. There’s no way their game capture should be that far behind the competition..."

"The 120fps option is of no use right now. YT does not support 4k 120fps yet. The rest I agree with. Should capture HDR without having to reencode it and do SDR tone mapping. YT takes HDR metadata and does the auto-tone mapping. DVR on Xbox is a mess."

Last month, an Xbox fan survey asked users what they want to see improved in regards to Xbox. Japanese game support and general OS problems were mentioned, but right at the top of the complaints pile was GameDVR.

Fortunately, Xbox's Jason Ronald has confirmed improvements to GameDVR are a "priority" for this year, so it looks like this whole area is top of mind for the team right now. It's sure been a while since GameDVR saw a significant update, so it'd be great to see solutions to problems like HDR mapping, sharing, and editing arrive in the future.

Do you have problems with the current DVR setup on Xbox? Let us know how you find using it.