Xbox Game DVR Improvements Are A 'Priority' For 2022, Says Exec

As reported by our pals over at VGC, Xbox's director of program management, Jason Ronald, has opened up about his thoughts on the console's current "capture and share experience".

Appearing on the Iron Lords Podcast, Ronald mentioned that improving Game DVR was a big priority for the company after listening to feedback from players on both Series X and S, saying that:

"We have made some changes and we have made some improvements to the reliability and the quality of the captures but we know we still have work to do here."

"... It will definitely be a priority for 2022.”

Ronald also suggested that players who aren't currently on the Xbox Insider program should consider getting involved in order to experience new updates and improvements first, as well as giving more useful feedback to the company.

"The best thing I can recommend is if you’re not in the Xbox Insider rings, get on the Insider rings, so that as we bring new capabilities and improvements, we want that feedback to know where we’re meeting the bar."

Fingers crossed Microsoft does bring some more improvements to Game DVR soon, as the current situation has certainly got its problems with automatically deleting screenshots and a rather obtuse navigation layout.

Have you found the current Xbox DVR setup troublesome? What improvements would you like to see in the future? Let us know below!

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