Halo Inf March Perk

It's time for another Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Halo Infinite perk! Following the last two months, 343 is delivering another DLC pack that includes a skin, a challenge swap, and a 2x XP token.

This month's skin is — once again — pretty damn green. The Pass Tense skin covers the Mongoose vehicle this time out, building out the set with the previous Warthog, AR and BR skins.

As usual, there's also a free challenge swap in here for battle pass progression, alongside a 2x XP token to speed up your earnings.

Earlier this week, Halo Infinite saw its latest multiplayer event go live: Tactical Ops. This event centers around Tactical Slayer (SWAT for you old schoolers), with some new variants of the mode thrown into the mix. Oh, and there's a free event battle pass of course.

Halo Infinite Tactical Ops

What would you like to see for future Halo Infinite Game Pass perks? Let us know below.