Halo Infinite's Free January 2022 Xbox Game Pass Perk Now Live

It's time for another Halo Infinite Game Pass Ultimate perk, as January's freebie rolls around. This time out, you can treat yourself to an absolutely-too-bright Warthog skin for your multiplayer endeavours, and a few other sweet bonuses.

Those bonuses come in the form of a battle pass challenge swap, and a 2x XP token for Halo Infinite multiplayer, just like last month's Halo Infinite perk pack.

The "Pass Tense" Warthog skin also matches last month's Assault Rifle camo, so it looks like 343 is building a set of skins through its monthly perk program.

Hopefully, these perks become a little more varied as the months go on, although we'll take any bonuses we can get our hands on for Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Are you happy with the Halo Infinite Game Pass perks so far?