Halo Infinite Xbox Game Pass Perk For February 2022 Is Now Live

Halo Infinite continues its monthly Game Pass Ultimate offerings with another gun skin as part of the free Perks. This time it's for the infamous BR weapon and yep, it's very green.

Just like the last couple of perks, you can go hands on with the 'Pass Tense' Halo Infinite skin in February. So far, we've seen this very same skin come to the AR and the Warthog, in December and January respectively.

You'll also be granted a few consumable bonuses. There's a battle pass challenge swap, and a 2x XP token for Halo Infinite multiplayer included in February's perk pack.

Soon enough, we'll all be dressed in green, blasting around the Halo Infinite battleground.

What do you want to see as a Halo Infinite Game Pass Perk? Let us know below.

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