Perfect Dark
Image: The Initiative / Xbox

We've got another brief update about the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot, this time in the form of an employee departure.

It seems the game's director, Dan Neuburger, has left the Santa Monica-based studio. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was at The Initiative for almost four years, and before this was a game director at Crystal Dynamics - the same developer now assisting The Initiative with Perfect Dark.

This latest update follows on from the design director, Drew Murray, leaving The Initiative at the beginning of last year - at the time stating how his life outside of work needed some attention.

As for a release date, there's no official confirmation from Microsoft just yet - but there have been some rumours swirling about recently that the team is targeting a 2023 release.

Perfect Dark's reboot was originally announced at The Game Awards in 2020 with a two-minute clip.

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