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Image: Xbox

In a bit of a shock announcement, The Initiative's design director, Drew Murray, has announced he'll be leaving the first-party Xbox studio currently working on the new Perfect Dark game.

Here's the full message he shared via social media, noting how his life outside of work needs some more attention.

"After two wild years helping start @TheInitiative @Xbox and rebooting #PerfectDark, it's time for me to say a tearful and bittersweet goodbye to my team at The Initiative."

"It's been extraordinary working shoulder-to-shoulder with such a talented and experienced team, many of whom are great friends now, but my life outside of work needs more attention and headspace than I have been able to give it lately, so I'm stepping down from my role."

"Mystery surrounded the project when I joined the studio - I didn't know what kind of game it was, I didn't know it was going to be Perfect Dark, and I didn't know anyone on the team."

"Two years later, we announced the franchise with a trailer that still gives me goosebumps. Most importantly, the team has the vision and talent to knock the game and franchise out of the park."

"My silver lining to all this is that I'm excited to join the screaming masses on Perfect Dark launch day to experience the game!"

Xbox head, Phil Spencer, responded to the original message - thanking Drew for his contribution.

"Thanks for your work that helped build the foundation of @TheInitiative and Perfect Dark. All the best in your future Drew."

Murray previously worked at Insomniac on games like Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet & Clank and Resistance.

Perfect Dark's reboot was originally announced at The Game Awards in 2020 with a two-minute clip. Last we heard, it was still in "early development" and may not be your typical first-person shooter.