GTA 5 Performance Analysis Shows Xbox Series S Version Needs Work

GTA 5 next-gen is out in the wild, and we've been having a pretty good time playing on Xbox Series X. It's not a revolution by any means, but we welcome the new performance modes.

We've been curious about the Series S version though, having not had chance to go hands on with it just yet. Games like Dying Light 2 launched without a performance mode on Series S — before adding one after — so it's good to see GTA 5 launch with such a mode.

However, it's looking a little rough if we're honest. This comparison clip shows how performance buckles when there's a lot going on, and the Series S hovers around 40fps in hectic combat.

It's not all bad though. In quieter areas the frame rate holds much closer to 60, and things like draw distance and overall detail levels are broadly similar on all consoles. There's also VRR, which should save the day for Series S outside of the solid fidelity mode.

Still, we'd like to see a Series S patch to improve things here. At the end of the day, GTA 5 is almost a decade old, and the Series S is a brilliant little machine, when games are properly optimised!

Are you playing GTA 5 on Xbox Series S? How's it holding up? Tell us in the comments.