Dying Light Vrr

Dying Light 2 has received another Xbox patch today, and it's a significant one for Series S players. Update adds a 60 frames per second mode on Xbox Series S, bringing the version closer to its Series X counterpart.

The new performance mode comes as a bit of a surprise, but a very welcome one. Around launch, the game's lead designer said that the console's GPU was "holding us back" from achieving 60fps. Well, if the performance mode works in practice, the developer has now managed to squeeze some extra juice out of the Series S.

Xbox Series X players are also being catered to with this Dying Light 2 update. A new "Balanced" mode has been added for the higher-end machine, that also runs at 60fps. We're not sure how this one differs from the existing 60fps mode, but it's a new option nonetheless.


The latest patch, as usual, also fixes a laundry list of bugs and glitches, all of which are detailed on the team's blog post.

Will you be giving Dying Light 2 another go on Xbox Series S? Let us know your thoughts.

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