We've seen a lot of interest in the Xbox Series S 'xScreen' here at Pure Xbox — a portable screen attachment for your console complete with an 11.6" IPS screen, integrated stereo speakers and built-in controls for screen settings and volume, and the first review of it has hit the web this week, courtesy of Video Games Chronicle.

So, what's the verdict? It's good news! VGC has given the xScreen a 4/5 score, enthusing that "it does what it does exceptionally well." Let's start with a few of the positives — here's a sample of what VGC has to say:

"We’d imagine that UPspec is desperately praying that Microsoft never changes the form factor of the Series S even slightly with future hardware refreshes, because as it currently stands the xScreen fits like a glove."

"The screen easily handles 60 FPS content with no obvious ghosting or noticeable input lag, and the whole thing basically feels like attaching an LCD PC monitor to your Series S (because that’s essentially what it is)."

The two biggest negatives that VGC brings up are the price ("at $249 it almost costs as much as the Series S itself") and the fact that it covers up one USB port and the ethernet port while in use.

But to summarise, the outlet says "we’re extremely happy with what the screen offers", calling it "a superbly crafted and well-engineered peripheral which produces a perfectly satisfying experience."

"This has to be something that would-be owners can see themselves using a lot in their lives if they want to justify the cost, otherwise, it may just be worth the extra inconvenience in, say, finding a hotel room whose TV accepts an HDMI input.

As long as you can find situations where the xScreen will prove beneficial to you, however, it’s a superbly crafted and well-engineered peripheral which produces a perfectly satisfying experience."

We're hoping to get our hands on the xScreen in the near future as well, so we'll give you our full review when it arrives at the Pure Xbox offices in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you're already sold on the idea and you want to get your pre-order in right away (it starts shipping this month), you can do so via the UPspec Gaming website.

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