Xbox Japanese Games

Amidst Xbox's recent acquisition spree, there always seems to be talk of expansion into Japan. The region is seen as one of Xbox's weaker areas, and one Phil Spencer himself has spoke about improving on in the past. However, according to some, buying developers in the region will be very unlikely.

Ex-Edge Editor, Nathan Brown, touched on the subject is his recent 'Hit Points' newsletter. Brown spoke about the Activision Blizzard deal, and whether that type of purchase could ever spread to Japan.

"While I understand the thinking, particularly from those who live solely to feast on salty PlayStation fanboy tears, I would be very surprised indeed to see it happen. It is terrifically rare for Japanese companies to be acquired from overseas, and on the rare occasions such a deal goes through it doesn’t tend to end well [...] This does not make it impossible for Microsoft to acquire a Japanese game company, but it certainly makes it unlikely."

Brown also gathered other info to back up his thought process, including the opinion of Dr Serkan Toto, a Japanese game industry analyst and consultant. Toto talked about Japanese culture in regards to foreign takeover, and how such events are extremely rare.

"But in some ways, Microsoft taking over a big Japanese publisher would be bigger news than the Activision deal. So far no foreign game company has been able to acquire a Japanese studio — and I can guarantee you there have been attempts, from both western and Asian players. [...] Hostile takeovers are very, very rare in Japan, even local ones."

So, yeah, don't hold your hopes for too long on a Japanese takeover for Xbox. Sure, it's not impossible, but a major company acquisition of someone like Capcom or Square Enix is unlikely. Of course, there's always the indirect route, like how Xbox now owns Tango Gameworks, courtesy of the Bethesda deal.

Pie in the sky, which Japanese company would you like Xbox to pick up? Let us know your thoughts below.

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