Xbox Is Giving You The Ability To Remap The Controller's Share Button
Image: Eden Marie, Twitter

The Share button on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller can come in very handy at times, but if you're not overly bothered about capturing screenshots or recording video, you might not really use it all that often.

Fortunately, Team Xbox has realised this, and has begun rolling out a new feature to Xbox Insiders that allows players to remap the button to "a wide range of custom actions" — so it doesn't have to be limited to capturing footage:

As Marie suggests, we could see ourselves remapping the Share button for things like bringing up a Party without having to go into the menus, or having the ability to send a quick message to someone, so it's definitely a neat addition.

As always, this is entering the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings first, but as long as there are no issues, it'll likely make its way to the rest of the Insider rings pretty sharpish — followed by a public release in the near future.

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