Crossfire's Xbox version has been long in the making, and it's now a little over a week away from launch. Earlier this week we learnt that the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass (sort of, more on that below), bolstering the February lineup.

CrossfireX launches this February, and ahead of the game's release, we've gathered everything you need know, from pre-load times to single-player info and what exactly is included in the Game Pass version.

What Is CrossfireX?

CrossfireX is the long-awaited Xbox version of Crossfire, a free-to-play shooter that's immensely popular in Asia. The existing version of Crossfire on PC is multiplayer-only, and it borrows heavily from Valve's Counter-Strike series.

There are differences though. First off, aim-down-sight is a thing, which will probably make things more comfortable for a console audience used to the likes of Call of Duty. There are also more game modes here, including shooter staples like Deathmatch that allow for respawning and more casual play.

With the Xbox release, Crossfire developer Smilegate has drafted in Remedy Entertainment of Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control fame. Remedy is on board to create the the single-player portion of CrossfireX.

What Does CrossfireX Look Like?

Here are some official screenshots of CrossfireX straight from the Xbox store page:

Is CrossfireX Free To Play On Xbox?

The multiplayer portion of CrossfireX will be free to play on Xbox.

Is CrossfireX's Campaign Free On Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, kind of. As mentioned before, the multiplayer portion of the game is free to play on Xbox, just like the OG Crossfire. However, there are two single-player campaign 'operations' at launch, and only one is included in Game Pass.

Currently, we're not sure if an upgrade option is on the table for Game Pass users (but we're assuming so). The full game, including both campaigns, is $30, or $25 with a launch discount.

CrossfireX Single-Player Details

Remedy Entertainment has developed the single-player portion of CrossfireX, and it's broken down into two campaigns. The first one is called Operation Catalyst, and it's included with Xbox Game Pass:

Experience the first part of the CrossfireX single player campaign, developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment. In Operation Catalyst, take control of a Global Risk Unit as they traverse through enemy territory in order to save their captured squad mate and uncover the dark secrets of the Black List Mercenary Group.

The second campaign is called Operation Spectre, and this one isn't included with Game Pass:

Witness the aftermath of Operation Catalyst firsthand in the second part of the CrossfireX single player campaign, developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment. In Operation Spectre, join the Black List Mercenaries on a mission to infiltrate a moving cargo train and extract dangerous intel before it reaches the Global Risk base. New tools are now at your disposal including the legendary Spectre Suit, a tactical game-changer.

How To Pre-Load CrossfireX On Xbox

Pre-load is live for CrossfireX, but not officially for Game Pass players just yet. The full 'Ultimate Package' version of the game is up for pre-order and pre-download on the Microsoft Store, if you're planning on picking up the full version.

In the meantime, if you want to get the game ready ahead of time, you can unofficially pre-install it by heading the Xbox mobile app, searching for the game and hitting 'Download to Console' on the game page, as seen below:

Screenshot 20220202 171236 Xbox

What Are The CrossfireX Reviews Saying?

Reviews aren't out yet, but here are some previews we've seen of the single-player campaign:

"CrossfireX is a decent attempt to bring a story into the series, and while it’s got an intriguing tale, I’m not sure if Remedy’s gameplay is good enough to make me want to engage with it. It’s the game equivalent of comfort food - nothing special, but you know what you’re getting, and when you crave it, it hits the spot, even if you do feel a little guilty afterwards."

"CrossfireX’s single player campaign promises to be special. It isn’t revolutionary, but there are enough original ideas to keep it interesting. The action is plain fun. Swapping between characters keeps the story moving, and it’s perfected-paced. Some players might look at the single-player aspect as superfluous, but Remedy has obviously put a lot of effort into making it worth your time."

"I’ve been tremendously excited for CrossfireX as the trailers we’ve seen have been flashy, bombastic, and visually impressive. Sadly, none of that was present during the few chapters we had the opportunity to experience early as part of this preview."

"For those who miss the days where shooters had lots of firefights and little to say, CrossfireX should satiate that hunger, even if it lacks some personality thus far. It’s a fast-paced game with snappy gunplay, promising action sequences, and an intriguing, intersecting story."

What Is The CrossfireX Xbox Release Date & Release Time?

CrossfireX's release date is February 10th, 2022, on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

As far as we can see, the release times are 4pm PST / 7pm EST (Feb 9th) and 12am GMT / 1am CET (Feb 10th).

Are you looking forward to trying out CrossfireX on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know below.

Excited for CrossfireX?

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