CrossfireX Release Times On Xbox Game Pass

Alright, who's ready for CrossfireX on Xbox Game Pass? The game releases exclusively for Xbox this Thursday, February 10th, launching with two single-player campaigns (one of which is free on Game Pass), and free-to-play multiplayer.

As for the CrossfireX release times, the game will launch at 12:00am GMT on February 10th according to the Microsoft Store, so that means the following times should apply for these specific timezones:

  • February 9: 4pm PT / 7pm ET
  • February 10: 12am GMT / 1am CET

There's no official way to pre-load CrossfireX on Xbox prior to the launch just yet, but if you open up the Xbox app on your mobile device and search for CrossfireX, you'll find an option to "Download to Console". Give that a try!

If you're a bit confused about what CrossfireX actually is, we've put together a more exhaustive "Everything You Need To Know" guide elsewhere on Pure Xbox, complete with all the details you might be looking for.

Excited for the release of CrossfireX on Xbox this Thursday? Let us know in the comments below.