Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

343's senior community manager John Juyszek has published a new post over on Halo Waypoint outlining the upcoming update for Halo Infinite. It's targeting a release date of 24th February.

There are fixes to the game's campaign, anti-cheat system, BTB features, stability and performance, and more. Here's the full rundown:


  • next week’s update will add new telemetry that specifically focuses on gathering more data around instances of being shot around walls or corners. It will also have targeted improvements to reduce rubberbanding around vehicles and vehicle debris. This work will help us as we continue to improve the online experience, but it does not signify the end of the road.

First-Person Animations

  • This update should address an issue that was preventing first-person animations from interpolating correctly. If you’ve ever spotted some framerate issues while clambering or reloading (or any other first- person action), you should see those run more smoothly next week.

Campaign Improvements

  • We’ll see multiple improvements in the Campaign experience. Whether it’s addressing issues with Achievements unlocking or returning to the game via Quick Resume, the team has been working on a handful of fixes for campaign since launch and there will be more on the way.

Stability & Performance

  • We’ve been keeping a close eye on reports around stability and performance on PC and console. This update will have a few improvements, but we’re continuing to address opportunities found internally and through tickets submitted via the Halo Support site 34.

BTB Motion Tracker

  • Next week, the range of the Motion Tracker in Big Team Battle will be increasing from 18m to 24m. This has been a consistent piece of community feedback in BTB, especially since the update earlier this month, and we’re happy to make it a reality with this update.

Anti-Cheat Improvements

  • We mentioned this earlier in the year, but we wanted to touch on it again – there will be multiple improvements to our anti-cheat systems in this update. We’ll have even more to share about anti-cheat in the near future.

That's apparently just a "taste of the improvements" landing next week - with the full patch notes to be made available on Halo's support site, when the update goes live.

There'll also be changes made to the ranking system next week, which you can learn more about in our previous post.

Will you be checking out this mid-season update? Leave a comment down below.

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