Some Xbox Series X Owners Are Having Major Problems With 4K Blu-Rays

In case you didn't know, the Xbox Series X can officially play 4K Blu-Rays — unfortunately though, various owners of the console are reporting that they're either not working correctly, or they're simply just too loud in operation.

In a lengthy Reddit thread, lots of commenters pointed out that 4K Blu-Rays can have some major issues, with suggestions that Microsoft has ignored the problems so far, and the Blu-Ray app is "in dire need of an update":

"For those who don't know, movies on 4K Blu-ray are usually printed on 2 different kinds of discs, a dual-layer 66GB disc, or a triple-layer 100GB disc. If I put a 100GB 4K disc in (which, at this point, a decent amount of 4K Blu-rays are), it plays everything at 1 - 2 fps with no audio, which pretty much results in taking minutes to get through the opening studio logo which is like 10 seconds at best.

I have had my Series X for about 6 months now, and no update has patched this error yet. Microsoft loves to slap "Ultra HD Blu-ray playback" on the box, but in reality it can currently only play about 30 - 40% of 4K discs. Appalling."

In addition to this, the thread is filled with complaints about how loud the drive can get when playing 4K Blu-Rays. Interestingly, a reliable solution is to reportedly turn the Xbox Series X on its side, rather than keeping it upright.

In regards to the more serious issues, reports are varied. Some say they can play 4K Blu-Rays with no problems whatsoever, others have suggested fixes such as clearing persistent storage and moving the Blu-Ray app to the internal drive before inserting the disc, and some say they simply can't get 4K Blu-Rays to work properly at all.

The one thing everyone seems to agree on, however, is that the PS5 simply does Blu-Rays better than Xbox.

Have you run into issues with 4K Blu-Rays on your Xbox Series X? Let us know down below.

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