We got a ton of positive feedback from the video we shared of My Retro Life getting his original Xbox back in November 2001, and he's taken to YouTube again recently to highlight his experience receiving Max Payne on release day.

The game came out for Xbox a month after the console's release in December 2001, and this incredible home footage documents the exact moment he opened it up as a Christmas present. It's received such a great reaction that developer Remedy Entertainment felt compelled to comment on it, having the following to say:

"The joy! The delight! The pixels! This is awesome footage, Tyler, thank you so much for sharing."

We're big fans of My Retro Life's content here at Pure Xbox, and definitely recommend checking out his videos if you're a fan of retro Xbox content or retro gaming in general. All of his classic home video footage is absolute gold.

Did you pick up Max Payne back at release? What do you think of this video? Tell us down below.

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