Halo Infinite Fans Complain About The 'Insanely High' Prices For Skins 1

Update: 343 Head of Design Jerry Hook has responded to some of these complaints in a new Holiday 2021 Community Stream on YouTube, promising that the team is looking at making various improvements.

Original story: As you may well be aware, yesterday marked the final update for Halo Infinite of the year, and while the new playlists have been going down a treat, many Halo fans have been complaining about the new skins and other cosmetics.

Simply put, the overall feeling is that they're way too expensive. The new Hazop Armor Set, for example, costs $20 on its own, and it requires the Mark V armor core to use — which is only available in the $10 Season 1 Battle Pass.

This discussion has been racking up thousands of comments at the official Halo Infinite Reddit community over the past 24 hours, with many pointing out that they feel they've been short-changed with the Battle Pass as well.

Ultimately though, some have stated they'd be willing to pay for these items if they were more reasonably priced:

Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard recently replied to the Halo Reddit community with a passionate and lengthy post, and the monetisation aspect of the game was brought up as part of this, with Jarrard explaining that "[going free-to-play] has been a huge boost to growing the player base and we've seen a huge amount of new players entering the franchise for the first time ever."

However, he also acknowledged that there was "room to continue assessing the overall economy and value for players", and it's "an area the team is constantly monitoring and learning."

It'll be interesting to see how 343 responds to this week's feedback, as surely the prices won't remain this high forever.

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