Halo Infinite Dev Responds To Complaints About Customisation, Promises Improvements

Yesterday, we highlighted that Halo Infinite fans were getting up in arms about the game's expensive new cosmetics and their lack of inclusion in the Battle Pass, and 343 Industries has responded to some of those complaints.

In a special Holiday 2021 Community Stream, Head of Design Jerry Hook explained that the team wanted to look at making improvements to the store, stating that "we think we can do some things better for our players":

"We want to look at our store... We think we can do some things better for our players and better for the game experience that helps push that edge a little bit. And so we're just taking a look at that, pretty much across the board."

"Taking a look at the bundles, what feels valuable and what doesn't feel valuable, what experiments we can put in there to see what people like and what people don't like. We need to make sure that we're able to at least pay for the continuation of the multiplayer game on a regular basis, and that's what these models help us do."

Jerry went on to highlight that customisation in general is "top of mind" for the team, and the return of the Tenrai event in January will see some major improvements, including more content and less challenge swaps and XP boosts:

"We've pulled back a bunch of new gear so that when Tenrai comes back in January, you're going to see a lot of changes to the event structure that we have. One, you're going to see less swaps and XP, and you're going to see more actual content. Content being, you know, shoulders, coatings, gear pieces. Two, we're going to replace pieces that were mistakenly put in the store, so they'll only be available within the Tenrai event itself."

"The team's done a really good job of trying to say, 'how can we make these [events] more fulfilling so there's more free content, more earnable content for players just playing the game, so their time is being very respected that they're committing to Halo... So, you'll see that coming up."

Ultimately, it sounds like 343 Industries is putting a lot of focus into trying to right these wrongs for multiplayer fans, and hopefully the changes will go a long way towards appeasing those who have been left disappointed thus far.

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