The highly-anticipated first batch of Xbox Series X Mini Fridges wasn't supposed to begin arriving in homes until this December, but it looks like the shipping date has been pushed forward in various regions to late November.

We've started spotting lucky owners showing off their new appliances across social media, and we have to admit we're pretty jealous! From a visual standpoint at the very least, the Mini Fridge looks like it lives up to expectations.

If you weren't lucky enough to purchase one of these back in October, you're not alone! Pre-orders were selling out in record time — we clocked it at about five minutes in the UK, so you really had to be quick on the draw.

Fortunately, Xbox has confirmed that more Mini Fridges will be available at launch this December, as well as in 2022. That said, while they aren't being treated as "limited edition", we expect they'll remain tough to acquire next year as well.

Have you got an Xbox Series X Mini Fridge on the way to you soon? Let us know down in the comments.