Microsoft Promises More Xbox Mini Fridges Are On The Way

The Xbox Mini Fridge is the talk of the town today, as pre-orders suddenly began at around 2pm BST, and sold out extremely quickly. If you weren't lucky enough to grab one, Xbox has advised that more supplies are on the way.

In messages to disgruntled fans on Twitter, various Xbox employees advised that this was just the initial pre-order stock, and extra supplies will be available this December. Additionally, more fridges will be available in 2022.

There's been quite a lot of disappointment surrounding Xbox's handling of the pre-orders, as they were made available without warning (no times had been provided), and it seems stock was extremely limited in this first batch.

Hopefully, considering that the fridge is so popular and it isn't being treated as a "limited edition" product, everyone who wants one will eventually be able to get their hands on one β€” it might just take a bit of time and patience.

Were you lucky enough to get an Xbox Mini Fridge today? Let us know in the comments below.

Did You Pre-Order An Xbox Mini Fridge?