Marvel's Avengers Removes Its Paid Consumables
Image: Crystal Dynamics

Paid XP boosts were added to Marvel's Avengers last month which was met with some heavy criticism after Crystal Dynamics originally suggested it would never happen. Following such backlash, the developer has now reversed the decision and apologised.

Both Hero Catalysts and Fragment Extractors were added, and while they don't affect the player's power level, they do enable users to rally through the skill tree faster than before.

It was argued this method was "pay-to-win", something Crystal Dynamics didn't see. Following the constant pushback from the community, both paid consumables have now been removed from Marvel's Avengers.

After joining Xbox Game Pass in September, the game saw a huge boost on Xbox. It's a shame situations like this has arisen, especially when it hosts a mighty fine single-player campaign.

If you haven't checked it out, now is the best time - especially with the War for Wakanda expansion now available for free. If you can look past the missteps, there's a good time to be had.

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