Are you ready to dive back into Marvel's Avengers? A brand new expansion is now available to download for free under the guise of War for Wakanda, introducing the fan-favourite hero Black Panther into the fray.

Voiced by the talented Chris Judge - who is perhaps more widely known in PlayStation circles for playing Kratos in God of War - the new adventure adds dozens of hours of new story content. Black Panther will come across his nemesis Ulysses Klaw and must enlist the help of the Avengers to save Wakanda.

Along with the new playable character, players will also get to explore the new biome of Wakanda, take part in a variety of new missions, tackle new enemies, take advantage of a new UI and much more. It sounds to be a pretty big expansion, and it's all for free!

War for Wakanda is a free update for anyone who owns the base game. The Expansion tells an original Black Panther story inspired by the comics and consulted on by Black Panther writer Evan Narcisse. Ulysses Klaw has infiltrated Wakanda’s borders to mine the nation’s precious Vibranium, putting King T’Challa’s leadership to the test.

This is a big step for Marvel's Avengers, marking the first substantial expansion since its release. While other characters have been introduced in the form of Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, this is the biggest update thus far. Will it pull in an audience again? Let's wait and find out.

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