Marvel's Avengers Sparks Rage As Paid XP Boosts Are Added To The Game

It feels like Marvel's Avengers just can't retain much positivity for long, eh? A week after joining Xbox Game Pass for the first time, fans are up in arms over the latest update which has added paid XP and resource boosts to the game.

The game's community is full of negativity about the move, with many people pointing out that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix previously promised that microtransactions in Marvel's Avengers would always remain cosmetic-only:

Specifically, it was suggested by head of Crystal Dynamics Scott Amos back in 2019 (in an interview with that "in terms of how we monetise, we'll have cosmetics" — but "no gameplay paywalls".

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are yet to comment on the backlash at the time of writing, and unfortunately it seems like all the good vibes from last week's Xbox Game Pass inclusion have disappeared for now.

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