Death's Door Phil Spencer Xbox
Image: Acid Nerve

If you caught our review of Death's Door earlier this year, you'll know we were huge fans of the game. We loved it so much, we awarded it the extremely rare score of 10/10! It's not just us who loved it either. The game received critical acclaim, and now Xbox boss Phil Spencer has chimed in to express his love for it too.

Sharing an interview with developer Acid Nerve and MCV/DEVELOP on Twitter, Spencer used it as an opportunity to not only share how insightful the conversation is, but how Death's Door is a "highlight" game of the year for him.

Spencer also joined in with the excitement when the game launched back in July. He shared a screenshot of his experience at the time but didn't elaborate any further. It's clear now he has nothing but positive things to say about it.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is another title that Spencer has raved about this year, having mentioned it multiple times. It's great to see that despite all the AAA games that have been released, the head of Xbox still spends his time spotlighting smaller titles.

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