Xbox Teases 'Exclusive News' For The Tokyo Game Show 2021 1
Image: Images from last year's Tokyo Game Show

Update: In a strange turn, the listing for Xbox's presentation at the Tokyo Game Show has been altered. It no longer claims to be bringing "exclusive news and content to share". Instead, it simply reads: "JUMP IN and join Xbox as we bring the joy and community of our gaming ecosystem to the world."

Xbox's Aaron Greenberg has chimed in on Twitter to provide an explanation, saying there will be "regionally relevant updates, but no major reveals or announcements" at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

Original Story: Xbox is returning to the Tokyo Game Show this year for another showcase on September 30 at 2am PT / 5am EDT / 10am BST / 11am CET with some "exclusive news" ready to share.

The 50-minute presentation has appeared on the Tokyo Game Show schedule and is said to include some "exclusive news and content". However, it's not clear what this may be.

"JUMP IN and join Xbox as we bring our gaming ecosystem gaming to the world. We have some exclusive news and content to share and... Tokyo Game Show 2021 is our stage."

Compared to last year's show - which kept expectations in check by declaring there would be no acquisition or next-gen console news - it certainly sounds like this year could be a bit more exciting. While it's best not to go in expecting world premieres and studio acquisitions, it will hopefully at least be worth tuning in for.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has previously said he's "motivated" by the Xbox Series X|S sales in Japan, which got off to a fantastic start. Spencer also added that Xbox's acquisition of Tokyo Gameworks is a "great step" for the the brand's Japanese presence. It'll be interesting to see what the show has in store for us.

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