The Good Life, the latest title from Deadly Premonition director Hidetaka Suehiro, will be launching on October 15 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. While the trailer makes no mention of Xbox Game Pass, it was originally mentioned during X018 back in 2018 that it would be coming to the service.

Much like Suehiro's previous works, there's more going on in The Good Life than meets the eye. The premise has you playing as Naomi, a reporter who investigates the rural town of Rainy Woods to see why the residents turn into cats and dogs at night. While it all seems light and fluffy on the surface, the trailers have hinted at something much more sinister going on.

You'll snap photographs, explore the town and even turn into an animal from time to time to solve a variety of quests. There are even some mini-games such as farming to sink your teeth into if you wish.

"Naomi Hayward finds herself far from her New York home. Out of her depth and drowning in debt, she is commissioned by The Morning Bell newspaper to uncover the mystery behind Rainy Woods—a rural English town considered to be the ‘happiest in the world.’

With her camera at the ready she starts her investigation but soon finds that the town—and its wonderfully quirky residents—are hiding many secrets. Not least, why they transform into cats and dogs at night. Caught up in the town’s enchantment—Naomi must use her new found animal skills to uncover the truth about Rainy Woods."

We can't say we've ever seen a game like this. If it's anything like Deadly Premonition, this is going to be a wild ride. Fans of that game will be aware of some of the crazy situations you get yourself in, along with the self-aware humour. We're hoping The Good Life follows a similar pattern.

If it is coming to Xbox Game Pass, no doubt we'll hear about it in the next batch of titles. It does look perfect for the service and was originally announced a few years back, so we can't imagine anything has changed. But you never know.

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