Here's What The Critics Are Saying About Life Is Strange: True Colors
Image: Square Enix

This week is a bit busy, isn't it? Along with Tales of Arise and The Artful Escape, we also have Life is Strange: True Colors gracing our consoles.

We didn't manage to get our hands on it just yet, but many other critics have, and as a result, a ton of reviews have now flooded the internet for you to feast your eyes on.

Here are what critics are saying about Life is Strange: True Colors:

GameByte (9/10)

When Alex experiences joy for the first time, a warm golden glow emanates from the characters, sparkling and twisting into the laughter-filled air. Life Is Strange: True Colors fills my heart with the same sensation. Then breaks it in the most bittersweet way I could imagine. Alex’s story is a colourful tapestry, stitched together with the gossamer thread of what it means to be human. It’s a glimmering, supernatural journey that reminds you life really is… weird.

GamesRadar (9/10)

When the credits do roll, I'm left with that singular bittersweet feeling I often get when I finish something that really captured my heart or made an impression on me, as True Colors successfully managed to do. If you're a Life is Strange fan, there's a lot to love about True Colors, and if you're new to the series, Alex is a fantastic protagonist to start off with.

Game Informer (8.5/10)

True Colors’ writing is so strong that it didn’t need a supernatural ability to tell this story. I laughed, I cried, and the things that stick with me are the moments where Alex is tested and comes into her own. And there’s something special in how True Colors gives you the power to decide her future and what her life needs, making for a memorable ending with a highlight reel of what you envision for the character.

The Guardian (3/5)

If this were a Netflix drama I probably wouldn’t watch it, but because it’s a game, because it invited me to make decisions about these people and this place, I felt a growing connection with it that had me invested by the end. It’s corny and sometimes just adorably uncool – one chapter has everybody in the town participating in a fantasy live-action role-playing game based on a local kid’s homemade comic books - but Life Is Strange: True Colours is so earnest that it got an emotional rise out of me anyway.

Push Square (6/10)

Life Is Strange: True Colors had every chance of becoming the series' best game to date, but it's been let down by arguably its most important element: the story. Wonderful character work can only go so far carrying a narrative that just isn't particularly exciting. And while Alex's power crafts one interesting scenario after another, it too isn't enough to offset those dull plot points. With an awful framerate to boot, Life Is Strange: True Colors falls short despite everything it has going for it.

It seems the consensus is pretty high, with a few outlets not being as favourable on it. While there are no Xbox reviews at the time of writing, its Metacritic score for PlayStation is sitting at 83 based on 29 reviews. A solid start!

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