It's Probably Best To Avoid The Zelda-Like Baldo On Xbox Right Now
Image: Naps Team

Update: While the latest patch is still not live on Xbox as of yet, it appears to be available on PlayStation and PC, prompting the team to share exactly what it entails.

A variety of major bugs have been rectified, but there's still work to be done. The next focus is said to be on certain resets in the game, minor glitches and work on the in-game maps. We're still waiting on an ETA for these fixes.

Original Story: Baldo: The Guardian Owls launched on Xbox last week and we were super excited for it here at Pure Xbox. However, the lack of reviews on release day made us cautious to pick it up and judging by the online reception, we were right not to.

Over the weekend, players were hit with an infinite loading bug, specifically on Xbox. Players were unable to progress after a certain point, rendering most of the game unplayable. Thankfully, the patch was rectified on Monday, but there's still an array of issues within the game.

As mentioned by our sister site Nintendo Life, the game is riddled with game-breaking bugs and other glitches which is making progress very hard. These issues have also been reported to be happening across all platforms by various users on Twitter. Many have also requested refunds since the issues have surfaced.

According to the game's social media account, the patch for these issues is currently in certification and should hopefully surface within the next few days. But even when it eventually does, we would probably recommend waiting to see what the verdict is in case there are any issues later within Baldo.

Again, it's unclear how long this approval process will take. The team has been mentioning it since its launch on Friday but the patch is still yet to surface. If you've been thinking of jumping into the world of Baldo, we recommend holding fire for a little while longer.

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