Phil Spencer Celebrates Nintendo GameCube Anniversary By Sharing His Favourite Game

Nintendo fans have been shocked to realise the GameCube is now 20 years old. We'll soon be in the same boat with the original Xbox's birthday fast approaching this November! To celebrate the milestone, fans have been sharing their favourite GC titles, including head of Xbox Phil Spencer, who revealed his fondness for Eternal Darkness.

The Twitter Gaming account asked the community to drop their favourite Nintendo GameCube title in the comments. Spencer was straight in there, revealing he's a man of taste with the fantastic Eternal Darkness. It's wonderful to see him go outside of the norm and come in with a completely unique title.

Eternal Darkness has become loved by fans over the years and remains exclusive to the system to this day. Many praised its sanity effects, which utilised the system in pretty unique ways to startle the player.

In a thread that seems to consist of a lot of Super Smash Bros. Melee, it's refreshing to see a more niche title amongst the selection from the head honcho at Xbox. Now, if only we could see Eternal Darkness reimagined...

What's your favourite Nintendo GameCube title? Let us know in the comments below.

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