Killer Instinct
Image: Xbox

There's still a lot of love for the Killer Instinct series. Every time the 2013 game's website or social page gets updated, there are requests from fans for new fighters, more content, new seasons and even a new entry in Rare's long-running fighting series.

The latest update linked to this game took place on Twitter earlier today when the official Killer Instinct Twitter account announced it was working on a fix affecting matchmaking and was continuing to investigate the issue.

It's the first time the account has been active since the beginning of last month - when it was revealed the game's official website had received a minor update. Again, fans couldn't help themselves and started requesting a new entry.

The most significant update in recent times was last October, which made the game "fully backwards compatible" with Xbox Series X|S and since then there's been no additional support.

There was also a rumour earlier this year about how Microsoft was keen for a new Killer Instinct game, but no developer was available to work on it. A number of months later, Iron Galaxy said it would definitely consider returning to the series if given the opportunity and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also recently shown interest in reviving Killer Instinct.

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