Hot Wheels Unleashed's Retail Release Is Causing Confusion For Xbox Owners
Image: Milestone S.r.l.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is launching on Xbox this week and if you're planning on picking up a physical release, you may want to ensure you're purchasing the correct version.

Xbox fans over on Resetera have discovered that two versions of the physical release exist. One just mentions Xbox Series X, while the other is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The game isn't listed as supporting Smart Delivery, so it looks like the Xbox Series X box is the next-gen only release, while the other is the Xbox One version.

The two versions are available at various retailers such as Amazon and GAME, but the most bizarre part is that both list them at the exact same price (£39.99). The only way to spot the difference is via the mentioned platforms on the box.

We can imagine this will become an issue around Christmas when parents and grandparents pick up a stocking filler and bring home the Xbox Series X-only version instead of an Xbox One copy, or vice versa.

Maybe if Xbox titles are going to go down the route of having separate physical releases depending on the generation of console, then it's time for a box art switch-up. A potential change to how physical releases surfaced earlier this year, but if true, they're yet to make their way into the wild. The current design is just far too confusing as-is.

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