Astria Ascending is a new JRPG heading to Xbox Game Pass on September 30, and if you're wondering what the game is all about, we've got 20 minutes of pure new gameplay footage to feast your eyes on.

As shared by GameSpew, the stunning footage shows everything Astria Ascending has to offer. From exploration to combat, it seems to be firmly placed in its JRPG roots, offering a traditional experience the genre doesn't tend to deliver these days.

Perhaps most striking is its art style, which has adopted a watercolour aesthetic for not only its characters, but backdrops too. There are so many instances in the gameplay where you could screenshot a new gorgeous background, so we can only imagine what the full game will be like.

According to the Microsoft Store page, Astria Ascending will be over 50 hours long, offering more than 20 dungeons, tons of mini-games, over 200 monsters to fight and an unforgettable story. It also features full voice acting in both Japanese and English, depending on your preference.

Astria Ascending is also being worked on by a few Final Fantasy veterans. Kazushige Nojima, known for his writing work on Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Hitoshi Sakimoto, who worked on the music for Final Fantasy XII. We're hopeful their skills will transfer well here, as this is shaping up to be an exciting JRPG.

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