Death's Door has captured the hearts of players around the world everywhere - we even gave the game a prestigious 10/10 score here at Pure Xbox! It's always interesting to see how experiences such as this began, and the above footage of Death's Door's prototype gameplay is a fascinating watch.

Shared by the team at Acid Nerve, the compilation of gameplay is taken from the initial pitch footage the developer created. Lots of key areas of the game can be seen in their very early stages, but amongst it all, the signature combat and gorgeous art design can easily be spotted.

It's really cool to see that all the initial concepts made their way to the final release. It truly seems like the team had a vision and did very little to stray from it. Of course, the world was fleshed out and the graphics were vastly improved, but it's a striking example that the key to Death's Door was there from the beginning.

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