The Ascent Update Quietly Adds Difficulty Options On Xbox

The Ascent launched on Xbox Game Pass last week, and while players seem to be embracing it, many have noted that it's plagued with a few difficulty spikes. To combat that, a recent patch has quietly added difficulty options to ensure a more balanced experience.

Yesterday saw the launch of a new patch, and while no notes have been released confirming what's inside, many have reported the game now has difficulty options on Xbox. From our own experience we've seen three difficulty options have been added: Easy, Medium, and Hard. This should hopefully make the game more accessible for players who ran into some difficult moments.

The Ascent Update Quietly Adds Difficulty Options On Xbox

There's no word on whether the issues surrounding co-op have been sorted, but judging by the lack of communication surrounding the patch, we're assuming not. DLSS and ray tracing support still doesn't appear to be available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC version either.

The Ascent opened last week with an impressive weekend. Along with its Game Pass launch, the game also managed to hit $5 million total sales, showing that there's still a buyers market for titles included 'free' with the service.

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