The Ascent Devs Are Working On Fixing Reports Of Co-Op Issues

The Ascent launched with Xbox Game Pass last week and fans seem to be loving the cyberpunk RPG. One of its main draws is the inclusion of online and offline co-op, made even more enticing with its inclusion into Game Pass, but many fans have run into issues with the game's multiplayer.

Reddit is home to many threads of players reporting said issues which include not being able to host games, join games, and being kicked from matches. It's frustrating for those affected, who have taken to the site to share their experiences.

Following this, Kotaku also published their own report on the matter and reached out to developer Neon Giant about the problems. In response, the team acknowledged the issues and claimed they are "working on fixes", but cannot deliver a timeline at this point.

"The items youโ€™ve mentioned are on our list of known issues and weโ€™re actively working on fixes. Weโ€™re not able to provide a timeline at this stage but we are fully committed to fixing and improving all these items and we will aim to let you know once we have more details."

Another issue players have ran into relates to the Xbox Game Pass for PC version. Unlike the Steam release, this iteration is a different build and is currently lacking DLSS and ray tracing support. It's another issue the team at Neon Giant are said to be working on, but there's no ETA on when that may be.

Hopefully these problems are solved within the coming weeks, as we have enjoyed what we've played of The Ascent so far. But when one of its main features is suffering, it's not a good start for the latest Xbox Game Pass release.

Have you ran into any issues with The Ascent? Let us know in the comments below.