The Ascent Players Are Raising Concerns Over The Game’s Text Size
Image: Neon Giant

The Ascent may be proving to be a huge success in terms of its gameplay, but players are raising concerns over the game's accessibility options - one notable complaint being the in-game text size, which is very small.

While there are options to adjust the subtitle size - which work perfectly - other actions, such as the codex, quest descriptions and more, lack any means of changing their size. The result is some considerably small blocks of text which are proving challenging to read for some players.

The problem mainly seems to stem from the game's menus, as attempting to read quest objectives and the game's lore is proving very hard to do. With our own captured screenshots below, you can see just how challenging it can be from a distance - an issue amplified when playing on a TV setup.

Luckily, the team at Neon Giant has acknowledged the issue, but there's no definitive word as of yet if and when this will be sorted. Some players have also run into translation problems, but this is something that is seemingly being addressed in an upcoming patch over the next few days - already live for the Steam version.

Hopefully a solution is found, as those with poor sight will undoubtedly continue to struggle with this. It's strange that the subtitle size is changeable and not the in-game text, but hopefully it's a simple fix which can be implemented swiftly.

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