We knew it was coming but didn't know when, but as of today, Little Nightmares 2: Enhanced Edition is now available as a free upgrade for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, accessible to owners of the Xbox One version.

The upgrade is aiming to dial up the spooks with an increased resolution on shadows, increased interactive particles, dynamically affected dust, ray-tracing and 3D spatial audio. The trailer does a great job of highlighting the enhancements for next-gen owners, so it looks as though we're in for a treat!

Key Features

Ray-Traced Reflections let you see live reflections in shiny surfaces throughout the game, like the cold, damp tiles of the Hospital wards or the dull glass of a deactivated TV.

Improved Volumetric Shadows add even more depth and detail to every object and enhance how rays of light are interrupted by moving objects, like the Hunter ripping away at his prey in front of his boarded-up workshop window or the Doctor tending to his patients under a swinging ceiling lamp.

- Interactive Particles
dance and swirl realistically through the air as characters move through a scene. It’s so evocative you might almost feel the need to sneeze when landing on a dusty rug in the attic or flinch when motes of burning ash spills through a furnace vent.

Immersive Audio wraps you in a three-dimensional soundscape if you’re using 5.1 or 7.1 speakers or headphones. You’ll hear each echoing swat of the Teacher’s ruler getting closer and closer as you creep through the School’s air ducts and track the clatter of hordes of Patients as they snatch at you from the dark.

If you haven't played Little Nightmares 2 yet, we reviewed it earlier this year and found it to be a truly terrifying sequel. With these upgrades, we expect the tension to be dialled up even further, so we can't wait to try it!

Will you be checking out Little Nightmares 2: Enhanced Edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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