What started out as a humorous announcement has turned into a game with a lot of hype in the form of Lawn Mowing Simulator, which arrives next week on August 10, but unfortunately it won't be included with Xbox Game Pass.

This was revealed to us in our exclusive interview with the game's lead producer, Michael Davies, who praised Xbox Game Pass as being "absolutely incredible for gamers and developers alike", but ruled out LMS's inclusion at launch.

Xbox Game Pass has been absolutely incredible for gamers and developers alike - it’s enabled way more people to play way more games. We aren’t ruling anything out, but we’ve got no plans for Game Pass right now.

Lawn Mowing Simulator will be an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console exclusive (there's no Xbox One version at launch whatsoever), and will be available for £24.99 / $29.99. It's also coming to PC if you want to play it there.

Will you be paying to mow virtual lawns on your Xbox Series X or S? Let us know in the comments below.

[source News: Interview: Our Cutting-Edge Chat With The Lead Producer Of Lawn Mowing Simulator]