Red Dead Online Is Leaving Xbox Game Pass Soon
Image: Rockstar Games

Update: We've now got a date! Red Dead Online will leave Xbox Game Pass on September 13.

Original story: Another game bites the dust on Xbox Game Pass, as Red Dead Online has now been confirmed to be leaving the service soon.

The game is listed within the leaving soon section on the Xbox Game Pass app, along with four others that are also leaving today. While there's no confirmed date for when Red Dead Online will be removed from the service, we assume it will be around the middle of September.

Much like Rockstar Games' previous titles, it hasn't been part of Xbox Game Pass for very long. Although, the short bursts in Game Pass seem to have signalled success for the developer so far, as Grand Theft Auto V recently left after a four-month stint and later skyrocketed up the best-sellers chart in the UK.

Perhaps Rockstar is hoping to see the same boost from Red Dead Online, which is available to purchase separately outside of Red Dead Redemption 2? Time will tell whether the strategy is a success.

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